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Version History & Preconfectioned Download

This page lists rasdaman versions, together with the change history. Starting with version 8.2 we provide summaries of the main changes done with each roll-out.

Alternative ways of obtaining rasdaman are listed in the Download area.

Version 9.0.0

Changes and new features

  • tile ids are now stored as long ints in the database rather than double.
    • note: this is a backwards incompatible change over rasdaman 8.x, i.e. once is run, the database (RASBASE) will be converted to the new format and will be only readable by rasdaman 9+
  • the petascopedb schema (tables with prefix 'PS9_') has been completely redesigned to work in cooperation with SECORE
    • note: petascope 9.0 is incompatible with the old petascope schema, and requires running --migrate to make the old petascopedb compatible
    • before running --migrate, it is necessary to remove the $RMANHOME/share/rasdaman/petascope/update*.sql files, which may have been left from an earlier installation.
    • similarly it is necessary to remove $RMANHOME/etc/, as more parameters have been added and make install will not overwrite and outdated configuration file.
  • support for CRS-aligned irregularly gridded coverages (referenceable grids as by GML nomenclature, with axis parallel to the axes of the CRS).
  • support for compound CRS, either spatial, temporal, or spatio-temporal.
  • support for Index CRSs for unreferenced images.
  • support for CRS slicing (interim @<axis1>,__,<axisN> notation).
  • support for ISO8601 timestamps in WC*S subsettings (use double-quotes delimiters to switch from numeric coordinate to date).
  • WCS service and service provider metadata is moved from Java templates to the database.
  • GMLCOV coverage metadata is richer and more flexible: all GML fields are configurable in the database.
  • rasdaman collections and WC*S coverage names can be different: a coverage corresponds to an MDD, while a collection can contain multiple MDDs.
  • more powerful systemtests, with oracles support and scripting.
  • initial support for multi-coverages is available in petascope (specifically multipoint coverages). To enable this feature PostGIS 2.0+ is required, otherwise it will be disabled.
  • the WCS CRS extension, partially implemented in the previous version (subsettings but no output reprojection) has been removed.
  • OGC WCS compliance is ensured (KVP protocol extension).
  • SECORE only supports URLs now, URN support is removed as OGC URNs have been deprecated for a long time already.
    • note: this is an incompatible change, so an existing SECORE database must be removed (rm -rf $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/secoredb/*), so that a new database containing only URL identifiers can be initialized.

Quick upgrade guide

  1. $ rm $RMANHOME/share/rasdaman/petascope/update*.sql
  2. $ rm -rf $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/secoredb
  3. $ mv $RMANHOME/etc/ $RMANHOME/etc/
  4. $ make && make install
  5. edit and update $RMANHOME/etc/
  6. $
  7. $ --migrate


No results

Partial update through rasj fails
rasimport to be synchronized with incoming new petascopedb schema
URN-based identifiers recognized but not translated to URL in the definition
WCS/WCPS axes to be requested by NAME, not by TYPE
Some wrong definitions are silently ignored
Tiling with rasimport
Deprecate old servlets in petascope
time handling with SECORE and temporal CRS
SECORE works only at /def
external names should use rasdaman, not petascope
segmentation fault on insert
lock manager for rasdaman
Support for time in GML coverage output
2Gb file limit
Coverage iterator not translated properly to rasql on WCPS trimmings
SECORE does not report exception when an invalid parameter name is set on a non-parametrized CRS
Implement `pow()' WCPS function
Systemtest support for SECORE
Aggregation operations in petascope don't work on multiband covs
WCPS doesn't consider axis labels in scale operation
Automated database updates in SECORE
Illegal optional parameter read as flattening option
Error when a Parametrized CRS targets a CRS via URN
Query on coverages with different domains is unusable
SECORE exception when mandatory parameter is missing
Compound CRSs with a parametrized CRS
Missing new line in CCRS output
WCPS parsing error with scalar * coverage expression
tile cache should be more robust
document tile cache in inst-guide.doc
Update supported base DB to postgres 9.0+
verify WCS extension list in capabilities document
WCS 2.0 exception code
Test engine for tickets
WCS GetCoverage broken
establish documentation for 9.0
support asterisk in trim operation
Add textual comparison to systemtests (WCS et al)
Trimmed URIs
Coverage iterator over double/date intervals
Null values not shown in coverage description
nodata should be 0 by default
WCPS switch tests fail
Handling of NaN values in rasql
Point query on non-materialized data should return 0
editorial improvement of
systemtest import functions not to rely on database IDs
Configuration manager does not include admin credentials
remove generated files from version control
inv_tiff fails with rasj
Complex constructor doesn't accept integers
feature_PetascopeSecore to me merged
Trac to accept git-bundles
Oracles for WCS requests on Multipoint coverages
Import script for Multipoint test dataset to use common systemtest configuration
UML schema for Petascope
PostGIS requirement, moved on branch feature_Multipoint
UoM code for pure numbers
KEY_ constants should be public in ConfigurationManager
Do not hardwire kahlua host in petascopedb init
HTTP code of WC*S exceptions to be properly set by Petacope
Exception to be thrown on bogus medatype in a WCS request
Petascope to throw exception on duplicate WCS subsets
WCPS exceptions for invalid subsettings not to get lost
Error when petascopedb is not updated to ps9
release rasdaman 9.0.0-beta1
WMS utilities to be re-synchronized with new petascopedb schema
Wrong geo-metadata for mean_summer_airtemp
Strings in subsets
#534 to use configured PostgreSQL port
"Add a new entry at this level" functionality does not show up anymore
Revert BaseX.jar to pre 7 version
Add required OGC CRS defs in SECORE for systemtests
gml:description in ParametrizedCRS definition
WC*S tests with geo binary output encoding fail
List of SECORE hosts in
rasdaman version in
encode fails for multiband of any type > char
Allow compilation with debug symbols only
Enable getting rasdaman version in a select query
WCPS responses do not add EOL at the end of the response
PostGIS queries
SECORE should not hardcode the host in the def identifiers
SECORE HTTP exit codes for exception reports not to be 200
WCS range extensions XML parser to expect rangeSubset as root
SECORE to reject queries with almost valid code
gmlcov:metadata not following XMLSD of coverage description
WCS XML POST body not to be prepended by "request="
Throw exception when required parameter is missing in a WCS request
SOAP always return 200 exit code
Coverage description template for non-gridded coverages to be established
UoM for range quantities not to be used as UoM for CRS axes in MultiPoint coverages
HTML documentation needs to be integrated
NullPointerException when axis does not exist in CRS definition
Missing namespace for referenceable grids in CoverageDescription
UoM for multipoint domainSet
Fix GML for referenceable grids
SWE metadata from database not to be ignored
Smoother migration from 8.5 to 9.0
Check for dblink installation
rasdl fails on CentOS 6.4
Add patchmanager code to the rasdaman repo
Envelope bounds with Index CRSs
Scaling extension for XML requests to be inside wcs:Extension
petascope Makefile fails to find rasj.jar
secore not found during install
Memory leak in lockmgr
target tiles still locked after commit
Duplicate code for coordinates to grid indexes conversion
Implement the Processing Coverage extension
CSV encoding problem with multiband collections
Time subset conversion to account for offset vector
Improve detection of northing-first CRS during petascopedb migration
Migrate origin to centre of sample-space
Dynamic output grid coverage type
Petascope XMLDescribeCoverageSchemaTest fails
Migration starts on new petascopedb

Version 8.4.0

Known Issues

Interest tiling does not work for 3D+

Version 8.3.0

Download link: rasdaman 8.3.0

Known Issues

  • the make process breaks if no --war-dir option is specified in the ./configure step.


  • compilation on OS X
  • rasgeo tool for GDAL-based image file import added to applications
  • rasdaman web client toolkit (raswct) has been added to applications
    • accompanying developer's manual can be found in manuals_and_examples/manuals
  • fixed returning wrong error code on exception in rasgeo
  • CSV formatter properly prints point queries
  • fix exporting data of base type uint8, int8, uint32, float, etc. to TIFF
  • added support for multiband TIFF images
  • synchronized RPM spec file
  • specific netcdf variable can be imported/exported, e.g. netcdf($1, "var=Base_reflectivity")
  • fix the default definition of the RPC server in rasmgr.conf
  • added --with-docs option to the configure script, to control whether doxygen documentation should be generated during installation.
  • added option for generating position independent code (PIC), usually necessary on 64bit systems for generating proper shared objects.
  • fix rasdl segfaulting when executed with invalid parametars
  • fix rasdl segfaulting when types with a specified extent are present in the database
  • fix type checking when updating with a file in some specific format. At the type-checking stage the actual type is not yet known as the conversion hasn't been evaluated.
  • fix rasmgr segfaulting on Debian Wheezy 64bit, gcc 4.6
  • fix make clean for java
  • add rview binary and modify Makefiles so that it's properly installed on make install
  • add includes for mkdir in


  • moved to the applications directory
  • integration with the 52n WPS server
  • deploying via 'make deploy' instead of 'make install'
  • cleanup WCPS logging and fix performance bug
  • performance speedup by caching in WCPS
  • fix req 11, request version was not matched well.
  • the server should not fail if it fails reading some of the coverages
  • fix parsing of CRS in WCS 2.0
  • fix failed post req2 by including an ows:Constraint under OperationsMetadata? in the Capabilities response
  • fix failed core req8 (URLs in OperationMetadata? were same for different servlet locations), and failed core req12 (invalid KVP request didn't result with exception).
  • fix req17 by adding XML schema validation of XML requests.
  • perform initialization at servlet startup instead of at the first request.
  • fix installation of petascope settings
  • remove the version attribute of the ServiceMetadata? element
  • update CRS identifiers to URLs


  • #60 importing and outputting multi-band tiff files via rasql
  • #67 fix compilation of the png converter with libpng14 or greater
  • #70 fix GetCoverage? ill-formed XML response
  • #71 fix petascope DB initialization
  • #72 add proper rview/labels.txt
  • #74 problem exporting float32 data
  • #75 fix csv conversion for structs
  • #83 clear cache in petascope at every request
  • #84 fix subset parameters in WCS 2.0 GET-KVP
  • #86 CSV converter fails if result is 0 dimensioned
  • #87 internal error: The index found more cells than allowed
  • #91 fix handling of WCS 1.1 in petascope
  • #92 fix the SOAP protocol extension in petascope
  • #93 fix struct component selection via an index
  • #99 fix pixel shift in rasgeo

Version 8.2.1

Download link: rasdaman 8.2.1


  • fixed PostgreSQL connection leak
  • eliminated compiler warnings
  • fix: use hostname for system identifier in rasmgr.conf instead of base DBMS name
  • fixed multidimentional csv export and other csv bugs
  • fixed some buffer oflo situations
  • fixed code examples
  • fix 64bit compilation errors
  • many general bug fixes (see patch logs for details)
  • proper installation of C++ example Makefile and documentation
  • improved usage of predefined installation directory structure


  • beta support for IQL (Integrated Query Language)
  • extended sdom operation to also work on any general expressions. Needed to support GDAL driver.
  • add NetCDF support
  • optional compilation of NetCDF and HDF4
  • enable csv conversion of structured types
  • improve out-of-the-box use of petascope
  • added petascope support for WCS 2.0
  • automatice system test, Makefile target "check"
  • added doxygen to make process
  • improved installation information, removed some redundancy
  • improved PDF documentation


  • in induced operations, changed division of integer numbers to produce double result instead of integer
  • added storage layout language
  • merged petascope into rasdaman source tree
  • rasmgr logs to rasmgr.<pid>.log instead nohup.out
  • fixed log output: rasserver logs into only one logfile now, does not write into rasmgr log any more
  • make server log less verbose: Eliminate "server available" sign of life message.
  • renamed rasmgr_auth to rasmgr.auth for homogenization of system files

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