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Welcome to rasdaman,

the Scalable Multi-Dimensional Array Analytics Server!

This is the website of the rasdaman ("raster data manager") open-source project. Rasdaman is a domain-neutral Array Database System: it extends standard relational database systems with the ability to store and retrieve multi-dimensional raster data (arrays) of unlimited size through an SQL-style query language. On such sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data appearing, e.g., in earth, space, and life science applications rasdaman allows to quickly set up array-intensive services which are distinguished? by their flexibility, speed, and scalability. Rasdaman embeds itself smoothly into PostgreSQL.

OSGeo Incubation logo Next-Generation Geo Raster Server. Rasdaman is brought to you by the guys writing the geo raster standards, including OGC WCS and WCPS, the OGC raster query language. The Petascope component of rasdaman provides service interfaces based on the OGC WCS, WCPS, WCS-T, and WPS. For several of these, rasdaman will be reference implementation. Since April 2011, rasdaman is available on the OSGeo Live DVD. A GDAL rasdaman driver is available, and likewise a MapServer integration (beta). A PostGIS query language integration is under work, see our planning. In comparison to PostGIS Raster, rasdaman scales and supports n-D instead of 2-D and automatizes tile management.

For the business value of rasdaman, see the listing on ohloh. EarthLook is a demonstration site showcasing rasdaman in a variety of 1-D to 4-D geo use cases.


  • December 16, 2013 -- the WCS Range Subsetting Extension, crafted by the rasdaman team, gets adopted as official OGC standard
  • December 06, 2013 -- rasdaman is OGC's official Reference Implementation for WCS Core
  • April 11, 2013 -- rasdaman PI Peter Baumann gives keynote lecture "Data, Metadata - Who Cares?" at EGU General Assembly, Vienna
  • January 07, 2013 -- rasdaman becomes GEOSS component
  • more news...

Download, Installation, Documentation

Go to the Download page for instructions. The installation steps are described on the Install page?. There is ample documentation, including query and programming examples.


The Large-Scale Scientific Information Services research group at Jacobs University Bremen is the core development team. Feel free to contact us!

A dedicated research spin-off company, rasdaman GmbH, provides software enhancements, expert consultancy, participation in projects, and joint ventures on a commercial basis to foster widespread use of rasdaman.

See also the support page.


Interested in the scientific background? There is a host of publications available.

PS: Greetings to all rastafarians! wha'ppen, man?

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