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    2020 * ''Note:'' the key-value pair format parameters style is deprecated.
    2121* WCS/WCPS support exporting array results in JSON format ("application/json").
     24=== v9.4.1 ===
     26Addressed tickets between v9.4.0 and v9.4.1:
     28git log --pretty=format:"* changeset:%h | %s (%an)" v9.4.0..v9.4.1 | sort -k 3 -t ':'
     30* changeset:8f1ef3b | ticket:1388 - fix memory leak in case expressions (Brennan Bell)
     31* changeset:752ae17 | ticket:1506 - added test for directql data ingestion (Brennan Bell)
     32* changeset:c2baa83 | ticket:1506 - directql no longer fails to ingest data -- double free or corruption resolved (Brennan Bell)
     33* changeset:5b49eaf | ticket:1508 - Change wcs-client to use AcceptVersions as parameter and log the warning about using version as parameter in GetCapabilities OGC WCS 2.0.1 (Bang Pham Huu)
     34* changeset:c5a5b42 | ticket:1508 - WCS supports acceptversions in GetCapabilities request (Bang Pham Huu)
     35* changeset:03360a5 | ticket:1510 - Fix Subset syntax in WCST_Import (Bang Pham Huu)
     36* changeset:189cddd | ticket:1531 - fix compilation with autotools (Dimitar Misev)
     37* changeset:e0e4ab8 | ticket:1531 - minimal grammar extension for remote collection (Mihail Tarigradschi)
     38* changeset:8a101f3 | ticket:1537 - reduce rasj memory usage (Dimitar Misev)
     39* changeset:31fe279 | ticket:1537 - Release memory from Petascope after finishing response (Bang Pham Huu)
     40* changeset:65a6ebb | ticket:1542 - check if rasdaman is properly started and stop it if it is not. (Dimitar Misev)
     41* changeset:3aa925f | ticket:1542 - fix shutdown of rasserver (Dimitar Misev)
     42* changeset:e223f99 | ticket:1545 - removed error reporting in case the arguments of pow are out of bounds, but real (Brennan Bell)
     43* changeset:480bee7 | ticket:1547 - internal struct type sizes fix (Brennan Bell)
     44* changeset:b095b15 | ticket:1548 - / rasmgr auth error switched to warning and made clearer (Brennan Bell)
     45* changeset:b011e5c | ticket:1552 - test if a string is json before attempting to parse it (Dimitar Misev)
     46* changeset:906f1c1 | ticket:1553 - WCST_Import nilValues interval error for irregular time serie recipe (Bang Pham Huu)
     47* changeset:0f42a02 | ticket:1554 - DROP TYPE should now throw an exception when trying to drop a struct type while that type is in use already (Brennan Bell)
     48* changeset:6028b82 | ticket:1558 - csv/json output no longer uses "fixed" decimal representations, and chooses between scientific and decimal, going along with the standard c++ output scheme (Brennan Bell)
     49* changeset:de2c19a | ticket:1559 - WCPS: fix the fitToSampleSpace function correctly (Bang Pham Huu)
     50* changeset:5cc17ab | ticket:1561 - rasdaman now throws an exception when attempting to create new structs types using user-defined structs as elements of the struct (Brennan Bell)
     51* changeset:2fa689e | ticket:1562 - wait for currently running RASBASE transactions (Dimitar Misev)
     52* changeset:897a327 | ticket:1564 - WCST_Import InsertCoverage with first datetime as bound for time axis for old recipes (Bang Pham Huu)