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    2020 * ''Note:'' the key-value pair format parameters style is deprecated.
    2121* WCS/WCPS support exporting array results in JSON format ("application/json").
     24=== v9.4.0-beta2 ===
     27Addressed tickets between v9.4.0-beta1 and v9.4.0-beta2:
     29git log --pretty=format:"* changeset:%h | %s (%an)" v9.4.0-beta1..v9.4.0-beta2 | sort -k 3 -t ':'
     31* changeset:00fc204 | ticket:1049 added subset tests and fixed an error in systemtest/util (Brennan Bell)
     32* changeset:c9d1b3f | ticket:1269 - csv output of scalars fix (Brennan Bell)
     33* changeset:0580935 | ticket:1278 - WCS client problem with 1D coverage in DescribeCoverage (Bang Pham Huu)
     34* changeset:46b7f9b | ticket:1403 - Fix the typo in transpose operation and add test cases for WCPS (Bang Pham Huu)
     35* changeset:1a89dae | ticket:1469 - Add the missing fileSave library in wcs_client (Bang Pham Huu)
     36* changeset:6af89d4 | ticket:1472 0D coverage with json encoding should now function correctly. (Brennan Bell)
     37* changeset:4098000 | ticket:1475 - primary bugfix in initVal was previously (mostly) uninitialized, leading to funny errors for structs. Notes on changes for ticket 1475 are as follows... (Brennan Bell)
     38* changeset:4f68dbf | ticket:1485 - fix import arrow library (Bang Pham Huu)
     39* changeset:0cbd5ad | ticket:1485 - fix problem with wcst_import from float to decimal for gdal, netcdf recipes (Bang Pham Huu)
     40* changeset:8ee1165 | ticket:1485 - Fix WCST_Import with subset AnsiDate when pixelIsPoint and enable subset_correction:true for TimeAxis (Bang Pham Huu)
     41* changeset:9a8d617 | ticket:1485 - support netCDF with reversed axis and fix problem with min, max variable for this axis in wcst_import (Bang Pham Huu)
     42* changeset:dd29912 | ticket:1485 - WCST_Import using decimal with precision (Bang Pham Huu)
     43* changeset:1b40e87 | ticket:1488 - fix file permissions (remove executable permissions for non-executable files) (Dimitar Misev)
     44* changeset:9f1b30e | ticket:1492 - Petascope update rasql query using filePaths (Bang Pham Huu)
     45* changeset:11d1196 | ticket:1493 "transpose": [x,y] returns error when x and y are not the last two dimensions (Brennan Bell)
     46* changeset:1b28a1f | ticket:1494 netcdf nodata values now print to metadata correctly (Brennan Bell)
     47* changeset:fcf63ed | ticket:1495 - Fix the mischecking xml output in system tests and refactor the checking process (Bang Pham Huu)
     48* changeset:5874993 | ticket:1498 - nilValue is nan error in wcst_import gdal (Bang Pham Huu)
     49* changeset:4fff085 | ticket:1502 - Fixed cmake config (Mihail Tarigradschi)