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Standards Commitment

As a pioneer in Array Analytics and the originator of a whole new technology field, Array Databases, rasdaman substantially contributes to standrds in the field:

Implementing Standards

rasdaman implements the following OGC standards:

  • WMS
  • WCS Core
  • WCS Range Subsetting Extension
  • WCS Scaling Extension
  • WCS CRS Extension (rasdaman enterprise only)
  • WCS Processing Extension
  • WCS GET/KVP Extension
  • WCS POST/XML Extension
  • WCS SOAP Extension
  • WCS-T Extension
  • WCPS
  • WPS

rasdaman is the official OGC WCS Core Reference Implementation.

Shaping Standards

Further, Peter Baumann is editor of 12 adopted standards and several candidate standards in OGC.

Further, we are busy in: