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(Note: this page is outdated; see wiki:InstallFromSource for the most up-to-date version)

Packages Required

Note: This page is obsolete and not maintained any longer. Instead, use the authoritative information.

Rasdaman requires a Linux kernel 2.6.18 or higher. Successful installations are reported for many platforms.

Aside from the standard packages which should be available on any vanilla Linux, the following list has to be installed for compilation / operation of rasdaman (note that this is just an overview, in the next step you will get advised on package installation):

  • tools:
    • git -- needed to clone the rasdaman git repository
    • autoconf, automake, m4 -- for generating the configure script and makefiles needed to compile rasdaman
    • make, libtool, pkg-config, gawk -- general tools needed to run the configure script and compile rasdaman
    • flex, bison, g++, libstdc++ -- required for compilation of the C++ codebase
    • OpenJDK 6+ -- required for compilation of the Java code (Java client API, petascope OGC frontend)
    • Tomcat (or another suitable servlet container) -- required by petascope and SECORE servlets
  • general libraries:
    • libssl-dev, libncurses5-dev, libedit-dev, libboost-dev (v1.48+), libffi-dev
  • database stuff:
    • PostgreSQL libecpg-dev -- optional for rasdaman array storage, still mandatory for the petascope geo services component; PostgreSQL 9.x is recommended, do not use 8.3.0 through 8.3.6
    • libsqlite, libsqlite-dev and sqlite3 packages -- if rasdaman stores arrays in files instead of PostgreSQL then SQLite is needed for storing rasdaman's technical metadata; see SQLite in rasdaman?
  • image formats:
    • libgdal-dev, libtiff-dev, libjpeg8-dev, libpng12-dev, libnetpbm10-dev
    • python-dateutil python-lxml python-pip python-gdal python-glob2 python-magic (required by wcst_import, a tool for importing geo-referenced data into rasdaman/petascope)
  • optional packages (use --with-XXX in the configure step to activate use by rasdaman):
    • libhdf4g-dev, netcdf4
    • doxygen -- required when configured with option --with-docs`
    • zmq, protobuf -- required when configured with option --enable-rasnet
  • performance boosters -- optional, provided by rasdaman GmbH

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