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Code Improvement

We greatly appreciate it when users report bugs or come up with feature requests.

All you need to do is click New Ticket in the navigation bar on the top. Ticket creation is disabled for anonymous users, due to too much trouble with spam in the past. If you are not registered, please report the problem on the MailingLists, or ask for an account.

There are a few rules you should obey before submitting a new ticket:

  • Make sure the ticket has not already been submitted.

Use the search feature on tickets, click on View Tickets and then All Tickets By Milestone (Including closed) to verify that your issue or feature request is not already in the database. Please also check if the issue or request is among the closed tickets, maybe it is not bug or has already been fixed/implemented in a newer version or the repository.

  • Make sure the data you entered is correct

Please doublecheck your input to make sure that all the information regarding component, milestone etc is correct. Also try to provide keywords if you can. Here is some advice:

There is a new option available when reporting tickets on which is called “development”. It is intended to mean that you are reporting a ticket against either a nightly build of the master (soon to be available), a checkout of the master built by yourself or one of the alpha releases (upcoming for 9.0) until we go to beta state and add the 9.0 option as well.

  • version: The version of rasdaman where you discovered the issue or against which you are proposing a feature or enhancement. It can either be one of the named versions or "development" which means that you are reporting a ticket against either a nightly build of the master, a checkout of the master built by yourself or one of the alpha releases (until we go to beta stage add the related N.0 option as well). If you use development option please provide some detail on the ticket text.
  • component: if unsure ask on the dev list or pick the most likely one (the component owner will redirect it if needed)
  • milestone: leave it empty unless you are contributing to a milestone release preparation
  • priority: tickets are usually addressed by their priority, Major is the default, Blocker is for mission critical issues impeding use of the system where no workaround exists while Trivial is for annoyances or polishing tasks
  • Type
    • Defect: If something is not working as expected or there is incorrect documentation
    • Feature: If you are proposing an entirely new feature for the system or to define high-level features for milestones
    • Enhancement: If you are proposing an improvement or addition to an existing feature
    • Task: Is reserved for activities to be performed which do not fit in the above categories
  • Give good description of the problem

This also includes the necessary steps to reproduce the problem! Ideally, provide a failing systemtest attached to the ticket for Critical or Blocker defects

  • If you have a solution - tell us!

This doesn't have to be code. We appreciate any help, code snippets, hints etc that can help us to resolve the issue.

At the time of submitting a contribution you will have to agree to a Contributor Agreement which allows us to provide your insights to the community.

Thanks in advance!