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Rasdaman storage backend

rasdaman community can store array data in two different ways:

  1. arrays in a file system directory, array metadata in SQLite
  2. all in PostgreSQL: arrays in BLOBs, array metadata in tables

As of rasdaman v9.1, by default the first SQLite/Filestorage option is used for array data and metadata, i.e. the configure command by default has the following option:

./configure ... --with-default-basedb=sqlite

In rasmgr.conf the connect string should be an absolute path to the RASBASE database, which should normally be `$RMANHOME/data/RASBASE (automatically used in the script), e.g.

define dbh rasdaman_host -connect /path/rasdaman_install/data/RASBASE

The directory where the BLOB/tile files are stored is normally $RMANHOME/data. This data directory (must be an absolute path) can be set

  • by a ./configure parameter --with-filedatadir=PATH
  • by setting an environment variable RASDATA

To use PostgreSQL instead of SQLite/Filestorage use

./configure ... --with-default-basedb=postgresql

In rasmgr.conf the connect string should be the name of the RASBASE database; the script sets this automatically to RASBASE, it is recommended to keep this value because otherwise this name has to be changed in many places.

define dbh rasdaman_host -connect RASBASE

Note: Postgresql is still currently needed however by petascope and rasimport.