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    1414Coverage metadata is stored in relational database tables, called __'''`petascopedb`'''__. The [browser:manuals_and_examples/manuals/doc-petascope/dbschema database schema visual documentation] of this database can be downloaded from [ here]. [source:applications/petascope/src/main/db This] is where database creation and update is handled.
     16=== Petascope ===
     18To implement the geo semantics, petascope uses a relational database for the geo-related metadata. Currently, only PostgreSQL is supported; for the future, support of SQLite is planned (in parallel to the rasdaman array engine). This is how to set up PostgreSQL for use by petascope:
     201. [wiki:rasdamanStoragePostgreSQL Prepare PostgreSQL for use with rasdaman]
     221. Add a user to PostgreSQL for petascope:
     24sudo -u postgres createuser -s petauser -P
     261. Set the `metadata_user` and `metadata_pass` variables in `$RMANHOME/etc/` to the above user and password.
     271. make sure PostgreSQL needs to be running
     281. Initialize the petascope database schema:
     34=== Running the Servlet ===
     36As petascope is implemented as a Java servlet it needs a servlet container for its operations. Two alternatives are available:
     37* separately install some servlet container, like Tomcat, and deploy petascope there; In case of problems, consult the servlet container log files (such as `/var/log/tomcat7/catalina.out` on Debian 8 and `/usr/share/tomcat/petascope.log` on CentOS 7).
     38* run the petascope service directly, by way of the embedded servlet container, jetty; More information on how to use this option can be found on [wiki:PetascopeEmbedded this page].
     40== Initialize SECORE ==
     42SECORE (Semantic Coordinate Reference System Resolver) is a service that maps CRS URLs to CRS definitions. This component, which is part of the standard rasdaman distribution, is used by the [ Open Geospatial Consortium] (OGC) for operating their official CRS resolver.
     44SECORE, being a servlet like petascope, gets installed automatically unless `--disable-java` is specified at `configure`. The deployment directory of all war files can be set during the `configure` step with the `--with-wardir=DIR` option.
     46For further details on SECORE management, security and troubleshooting see the [wiki:SecoreAdministration administration] and [wiki:SecoreDevGuide developer guide] pages.