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Rasdaman is part of OSGeo Live. For running rasdaman from OSGeo Live, see this quickstart.

OSGeo Incubation Process

The rasdaman community project is being incubated by OSGeo. This page provides information pertaining to this process and its timeline, in particular: the Incubation checklist page OSGeoIncubationChecklist.




  • A kind request on clarifying rules and procedures of incubation voting remains unanswered:
    • what is the status of votes cast?
    • what is the committee's approach when quorum is not reached?
    • voting commenced on Oct 16 so closed by Oct 29 midnight (10 biz days), Jody decided to cancel after that period (Oct 30); this puzzles me.
    • where are the procedures laid down so that I can learn these details? Could not find anything on 1.


  • Jody Garnett decides to "lets table this motion and continue with discussion". No official voting statistics is published, but personal counting says that from the currently listed 22 OSGeo incubation committee members only 4 appear active - no one else participated in voting nor discussion.


  • Surprisingly, Jody Garnett states for OSGeo that "Even for OSGeo projects a PSC is not required" - something which has been stated as a must-have for rasdaman to obtain incubation.


  • Our mentor, Bruce Bannerman, moves on the incubation list to graduate rasdaman from OSGeo incubation. Jody Garnett sets a voting period of 10 work days, hence ending on 2014-oct-30.


  • Following our status inquiry, mentor of "very poor time" - need to wait "a few weeks" (at least)


  • Next requirements issued, implemented on wiki pages and checklist.


  • Last requirements implemented on wiki pages.



  • The rasdaman community project is accepted for incubation by OSGeo.


  • The rasdaman community project officially applies for OSGeo incubation by filing a ticket.


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