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    3 [[Image(OSGeo_incubation.png, right)]]
    54= [ OSGeo] =
    98Rasdaman is part of [ OSGeo Live]. For running rasdaman from OSGeo Live, see [ this quickstart].
    11 == [ OSGeo] Incubation Process ==
    12 The rasdaman community project is being incubated by  [ OSGeo].
     10== [ OSGeo] Incubation ==
     11The rasdaman community project has been being incubated by [ OSGeo] for over 6 years, until finally a majority of the incubation committee voted for not accepting rasdaman. The sole reason being that the Project Steering Committee (PSC) is not open enough to accept anybody, irrespective of having sufficient knowledge about rasdaman and Array Databases. This would lead to decisions made by a group whose composition and skills remain unclear, and not on merely scientific and technological insight as the rasdaman project has adopted since its inception many years ago, having led to the acknowledged technology position rasdaman has today. Comparative governance models can be found, e.g., with the Linux kernel.
     13In short: OSGeo imposes a "design by committee" approach whereas rasdaman successfully pursues "design by science and innovation".
    1315This page provides information pertaining to this process and its timeline, in particular: the Incubation checklist page [wiki:OSGeoIncubationChecklist].
    1517=== News ===
     20   * mail exchange between Jody Garnett and Peter Baumann:
     24thank you for informing us, and for your friendly invitation.
     26However, we somewhat need to recover from this traumatic 6-years experience
     27culminating with the recent derogative treatment and bashing of the
     28open-source rasdaman community project by some, which went unintercepted
     29"by OSGeo" (in times even fed, actually).
     31Maybe at a later time we will reconsider.
     36On 05/25/2016 10:08 PM, Jody Garnett wrote:
     37> Peter:
     39> Are you interested in submitting Rasdaman as an OSGeo community project?
     41> Your project more than meets the requirements, and we would like to be sure
     42> Rasdaman continues to remain part of OSGeo. The role of community projects
     43> in our foundation is a work in progress and would be shaped in part by what
     44> you wish to accomplish. The community projects are currently listed on the
     45> website, and have distinct branding available for use on your
     46> website and on the OSGeo live distribution.
     47> --
     48> Jody Garnett
     52   * mail by Jody Garnett to the OSGeo Board: ''The incubation committee has passed the following motion: "The Rasdaman Project is to be removed from the OSGeo Incubation process."''