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     1= INSPIRE WCS =
     3Spatio-temporal coverages appear in many, if not most themes of INSPIRE Annexes II and III. In 2015, INSPIRE has decided to adopt [ OGC WCS] as Coverage Download Service.
     4Currently, a "release candidate" draft is available; the final version will be presented at the INSPIRE 2016 conference.
     5Some (outdated) background impression is available from the [ JRC presentation at the INSPIRE WCS kickoff meeting].
     7rasdaman has been decided to become an official INSPIRE WCS Reference Implementation. As INSPIRE WCS relies on OGC WCS in a backwards compatible way, only few changes have to be added (mainly multilinguality indication in the Capabilities document). Hence, rasdaman is mostly ready for use in INSPIRE scenarios. It offers unique advantages, though:
     8* federation capabilities, establishing a single seamless information space
     9* particularly high performance (as confirmed by many data centers and agencies)
     10* as OGC WCS Core Reference Implementation, the most comprehensive support for WCS and its extensions - in particular the WCPS geo raster query language
     11* support for a plethora of data formats.
     13Here is a showcase demonstrating WCS and WCPS power on 1-D through 5-D data sets: .
     15[ Contact us] for details and to find out how rasdaman can boost your INSPIRE services!