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How to Contribute

There are lots of ways to get involved and help out with the Propel project:

  • Help us spot & fix bugs. Which software is perfect? We know there are some bugs in rasdaman, see the open tickets. Whether you add a ticket or provide a fix, all is most welcome.
  • Write documentation. We can always use better documentation. Currently the user guide is written using XHTML and there are a few XSLT stylesheets for building the TOC. It's easy to edit using a WYSIWYG editor or even just plain text editor and we can create PDFs using htmldoc. We're open to suggestions for new documentation formats, but of course primarily we're eager for any documentation contributions.
  • Contribute to the Wiki. Of course you can also contribute to this site, for example by adding FAQs, WTFs or HowTos?. Send a message to the development mailing list to request an account.
  • Help plan and design the next version. The initial version of Propel is based quite closely on Torque. This is for no other reason than the fact that Torque works well, and is well suited for PHP environment (unlike, e.g., Hibernate which would have big performance issues on PHP). For our next versions we'd like to figure out what works & doesn't work about this model. Browse this section of the website, and especially the Planning? place to read ideas or add your own!