Aug 16, 2017: Yesterday

9:34 AM Ticket #1605 (SystemTest_Test scripts inside testcases_services should be skipped ...) closed by bphamhuu
9:33 AM Changeset [002daed]master by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1605 - System test should not execute test scripts in …
8:37 AM Changeset [303022f] by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:502 - fix problem with migration application to load GDAL …

Aug 15, 2017:

1:09 PM Petascope_9.5 edited by bphamhuu
Rename update_petascopedb.sh to migrate_petascopedb.sh (diff)
12:37 PM Ticket #1605 (SystemTest_Test scripts inside testcases_services should be skipped ...) created by bphamhuu
Current, these test scripts (test.sh) in testcases_services folder …

Aug 14, 2017:

10:21 AM Changeset [5090df5] by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1496 - WCS client displays the text result in console when WCPS …

Aug 11, 2017:

9:50 AM Changeset [b0928cd] by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:000 - fixed a missing WCPS query when merging from release_9.5 …
8:15 AM Ticket #1604 (WCS_Client show WMS map of coverage if possible) created by dmisev
Since WebWorldWind is integrated now (#1497), it would be cool to …

Aug 10, 2017:

5:24 PM Ticket #1603 (SystemTest_Test wcst_import should remove obsolete cases when a new ...) created by bphamhuu
In test wcst_import when a test case is removed, renamed in a new …
4:27 PM Changeset [af02afa] by Bang Pham Huu <b.phamhuu@…>
ticket:000 - merge branch release 9.5 to master
12:24 PM Versions edited by dmisev
10:13 AM Ticket #1602 (add correct lat/lon to pixel index transformation test) created by vmerticariu
Use a subset of …
9:39 AM Ticket #1357 (Petascope_Make a XML parser to translate WCPS in XML syntax to ...) closed by bphamhuu
9:16 AM Changeset [41fb734]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1357 - Make a WCPS 1.0 parsing service to parse WCPS in XML …

Aug 9, 2017:

4:12 PM Ticket #1600 (WCS_Client_WCPS console should log queries and the seconds to request) closed by bphamhuu
4:11 PM Ticket #1560 (Rename test wcs, wcps queries, oracles files to be consistent) closed by bphamhuu
4:06 PM Changeset [8f5eac0]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1560 - Rename test queries, test oracles of test wcs, wcps to …
4:06 PM Changeset [b80b9d0]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1600 - WCS_Client logs the WCPS queries to console and records …
11:52 AM Ticket #1601 (Petascope_Error with loading GDAL native library when redeploying web ...) closed by bphamhuu
10:44 AM Changeset [48e28da]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1577 - modified output of 1-D csv to be standards-conformant …
10:43 AM Changeset [1ede013]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1601 - Error when reloading GDAL native library by Classloader …
9:04 AM Ticket #1572 (dbinfo prints the oid in scientific notation) closed by bphamhuu
duplicate: close as duplicate with http://rasdaman.org/ticket/1157
8:46 AM Ticket #1152 (wcst_import concurrent will have error in petascope) closed by bphamhuu
fixed: The script can run to the end of the loop without problems, so close …
8:15 AM Ticket #1497 (WCS_Client shows coverage's extents in a dropdown box) closed by bphamhuu

Aug 8, 2017:

7:21 PM Changeset [0631145c]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1497 - WCS_Client displays Coverages's Extents in WebWorldWind?
5:55 PM Ticket #1588 (WMS_Support pyramid levels for big coverage as a layer in Petascope) closed by pbaumann
wontfix: n-D pyramids are massively more complicated, see the PhD thesis of …
5:52 PM Ticket #708 (SECORE support proj4 to support transformation to customized CRS) closed by pbaumann
wontfix: actually, not: SECORE is just the OGC _resolver_ with the sole task of …
4:18 PM Ticket #758 (Evaluate the use of fixed number of decimal places in numeric ...) closed by bphamhuu
fixed: It has been used BigDecimal? in Petascope for a long time, so can be …

Aug 7, 2017:

1:36 PM WCSTImportGuide/GeneralRecipe edited by bphamhuu
Add the uom for netCDF, Grib file (diff)

Aug 4, 2017:

8:17 AM WCSTImportGuide edited by bphamhuu
8:03 AM WCSTImportGuide edited by bphamhuu
remove the usage of crs_resolver in ingredient files (diff)
7:55 AM Ticket #1533 (WCST_Import should use the SECORE URL from Petascope) closed by bphamhuu
7:51 AM Changeset [b8382bd]release_9.5 by www-data <www-data@…>
ticket:1533 - WCST_Import uses SECORE prefix from petascope's …

Aug 3, 2017:

8:50 AM Ticket #1601 (Petascope_Error with loading GDAL native library when redeploying web ...) created by bphamhuu
From version 9.5, Petascope uses GDAL native library (gdal_java …

Aug 2, 2017:

8:56 AM Ticket #1600 (WCS_Client_WCPS console should log queries and the seconds to request) created by bphamhuu
Current, WCPS console in WCS_Client can show the result from WCPS …
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