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URN-based identifiers recognized but not translated to URL in the definition

Reported by: pcampalani Owned by: dmisev
Priority: minor Milestone: 9.0
Component: secore Version: 8.3
Keywords: secore urn identifier Cc:
Complexity: Very Hard



<gml:ImageCRS xmlns:gml="" xmlns="" gml:id="img2D">
  <gml:identifier codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:0.1:Image2D</gml:identifier>
  <gml:remarks>CRS for 2D pixel-domain referenced images.</gml:remarks>
  <gml:scope>Default CRS for 2D images that are referenced in the pixel domain.</gml:scope>
  <gml:CartesianCS gml:id="cartesian2D">
    <gml:identifier codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:cs:OGC:0.1:Cartesian2D</gml:identifier>
      <gml:CoordinateSystemAxis gml:id="i" uom="">
        <gml:identifier codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:axis:OGC:0.1:i</gml:identifier>
        <gml:axisDirection codeSpace="OGP">horizontal</gml:axisDirection>
      <gml:CoordinateSystemAxis gml:id="j" uom="">
        <gml:identifier codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:axis:OGC:0.1:j</gml:identifier>
        <gml:axisDirection codeSpace="EPSG">vertical</gml:axisDirection>
  <gml:ImageDatum gml:id="imageDatum">
    <gml:identifier codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:datum:OGC:0.1:ImageDatumGridUpperLeft</gml:identifier>
    <gml:scope>A 2D image datum with the origin in the upper-left corner pixel of the grid.</gml:scope>
    <gml:pixelInCell codeSpace="OGP">urn:ogc:def:pixelInCell:OGC:0.1:cellLowerBound</gml:pixelInCell>

is correctly ingested by SECORE, but when the definition is retrieved, urn:ogc:def:crs:OGC:0.1:Image2D is not translated to URI form (in particular in the URI specified by the service.url in the secore.conf file), and similarly none of the urn identifiers in the definition.

The uom must then be explicitly set to a reachable URL to let Petascope fecth its definition.

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Mihaela, please take a look at this.

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Patch to be submitted

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URNs are out of SECORE with the latest patch, so consider handling only URLs.

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