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Petascope_More meaniningful error from Rasql projection()

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Priority: minor Milestone: 10.0
Component: petascope Version: development
Keywords: Cc: dmisev, vmerticariu
Complexity: Easy


WCPS query which is used to project from epsg:4326 to UTM zone 33. (the problem due to the coverage cannot reproject to other zone nearby its boundingbox (zone 12)).

for c in (test_projection) return encode(crsTransform(c, { Lat:"", Long:""}, {}), "tiff", "nodata=0")

in Petascope, it throw not meaningful error:

<ows:ExceptionText>Error evaluating rasdaman query: 

'select encode(project( c, "-91.77349318141944,29.49823699213256,-91.39730199094952,29.82649648651944", "EPSG:4326", "EPSG:32633" ), "GTiff", "nodata=0;xmin=-91.77349318141944;xmax=-91.39730199094952;

ymin=29.49823699213256;ymax=29.82649648651944;crs=EPSG:4326") from test_projection AS c where oid(c)=132609</ows:ExceptionText></ows:Exception>

<ows:Exception exceptionCode="RuntimeError">

<ows:ExceptionText>org.odmg.QueryException : Unexpected internal server error.

it should throw the message same as Rasql (which is related to CRS not from general internal error).

Rasql Executing retrieval query...rasdaman error 0: 
Exception: CRS Reprojection failed at runtime. Check that the CRSes are fully supported.

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