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Petascope.properties lost many configuration after new install

Reported by: bphamhuu Owned by: bphamhuu
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Component: petascope Version: 9.1.0
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That problem appears recently (before I've tested a lot with Jetty so download and compile no problem), but maybe in 1 week and to now when I install Rasdaman normally (not yet Rasnet)

./configure --prefix=$RMANHOME --with-java-server=embedded
make install

File petascope.properties in /home/rasdaman/install/etc is like this

# parameter:   java_server 
# purpose: Allowing user to start Petascope with embedded (Jetty) or external (Tomcat) (use ./configure --with-java-server=embedded/external). 
# description: User could set to external Petascope or embedded Petascope. When setting to "embedded", user could start embedded Petascope after starting Rasdaman in script start_rasdaman.sh.  
# need to adapt: yes (depend on user environment), normally is external. 

# parameter:	start_emdedded_petascope 
# purpose: Allowing user to start embedded Petascope after excute start_rasdaman.sh. 
# description: User could enable or disable Petascope with: permanent by configuration:"true/false" or temporary enable/disable when running script start_rasdaman.sh (example: "start_rasdaman.sh --stop-embedded-petascope" or "start_rasdaman --start-embedded-petascope"). 
# need to adapt: yes (depend on user environment), normally is false. 

As you can see this is my new configurations to support embedded Jetty but where is the rest of this file? I suppose in makefile.am of Petascope has problem.

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comment:1 Changed 23 months ago by bphamhuu

The problem looks like in here, not sure why

if test -f $$NEWCONF; then \ # if file petascope.properties is existed then update (OK)

else \ # but if file is not existed then do nothing (???) 
     echo "$@ will not overwrite existing $$NEWCONF";\
     fi; \

I will add the copy petascope.properties from resources to /install/etc/ and this could be solved.

comment:2 Changed 23 months ago by pbaumann

this idea would overwrite existing customer settings. Also, patch has no tests.

comment:3 Changed 23 months ago by dmisev

No Peter the patch is correct. If there is no existing petascope.properties then it should be installed.

comment:4 Changed 23 months ago by dmisev

It is hard to test installation stuff like this, we do not have a systemtest for Makefiles.

comment:5 Changed 23 months ago by bphamhuu

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This could be closed now (thanks for all).

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