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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#105 bug with multiband TIFF files dmisev defect blocker conversion
#185 HDF4 should be optional for compilation of rasdaman arezaeim defect blocker raslib
#189 rasimport: Segmentation fault (core dumped) defect blocker 8.4 rasgeo
#247 WCPS domain() returns empty pcampalani defect blocker 8.4 petascope
#376 Aggregation operations in petascope don't work on multiband covs abeccati defect blocker 9.0 petascope
#381 SECORE fails because of different GML namespaces dmisev defect blocker 8.4.2 secore
#402 E-mail verification broken after password reset attempt hstamerjohanns defect blocker undecided
#433 relese 8.5beta1 does not build for packaging pcampalani defect blocker undecided
#505 Performance leak for timestamp to numeric coordinate conversion pcampalani defect blocker Future petascope
#567 HTML documentation needs to be integrated pbaumann defect blocker 9.0 manuals_and_examples
#638 CSV encoding problem with multiband collections uagha defect blocker 9.0 conversion
#668 Migration starts on new petascopedb pcampalani defect blocker 9.0 petascope
#745 Petascope to serve GML in JPEG2000 files pcampalani feature blocker 9.0.x petascope
#791 is not created dmisev defect blocker undecided
#948 WCS client does not work atoader defect blocker 9.2 raswct
#1020 fails with ImportError mdumitru defect blocker 9.1.x applications
#1075 easylogging configuration in rasql leads to segfault atoader defect blocker undecided
#1388 Rasql_Memory leak with swith case expression bbell defect blocker 9.4 rasserver
#1438 systemtest broken on Ubuntu 14.04 bphamhuu defect blocker 9.3 systemtest
#15 condense max and min bug j.yu enhancement critical 8.5 qlparser
#31 Extending inv_tiff() in rasql to import tiff files with float data type pbaumann enhancement critical applications
#47 not able to install rasdaman task critical applications
#51 auto-generated Makefiles not up-to date pbaumann defect critical time
#54 Authentication Error defect critical rnprotocol
#73 rasdaman error 202: Exception: Index violation on 3D collections dmisev defect critical insertutils
#122 Error retrieving data from fragmented collections dmisev defect critical 8.4 rasserver
#161 Setting tiling layouts/indexes needs testing dmisev defect critical 8.4 rasserver
#164 Export GeoTIFF/JPEG2000 with WCPS pcampalani defect critical 8.4 petascope
#209 Range constructor in rasql bthapaliya enhancement critical 9.1 qlparser
#224 Petascope WCS returns invalid GetCapabilites response dmisev defect critical 8.4 petascope
#240 Exporting large amounts of data truncates the first ~100 bytes dmisev defect critical 9.2 conversion
#267 Tiling with rasimport aherzig task critical 9.0 rasgeo
#274 WCS scaling fails when there's subsetting mrusu defect critical 8.4 petascope
#275 Incremental updates for rasdaman database dmisev enhancement critical 8.4 server
#276 time handling with SECORE and temporal CRS pcampalani feature critical 9.0 petascope
#278 Definition of available functionality with respect to standards and software pbaumann task critical 8.4 petascope
#281 WCS GML response when all dimensions of a coverage are sliced pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#285 WCPS going through PetascopeInterface fails arezaeim defect critical 8.4 petascope
#299 sometimes fails to start rasdaman properly dmisev defect critical 8.4 rasserver
#334 rasimport segmentation fault in RC2 ungarj defect critical 8.4 rasgeo
#335 Coverage iterator not translated properly to rasql on WCPS trimmings dmisev defect critical 9.0 petascope
#341 Petascope return wrong domainSet pcampalani defect critical 8.4.1 petascope
#343 WCPS - getMetaDataExpr functions problems pcampalani defect critical 8.4.2 petascope
#353 Provide SECORE user manual documentation pbaumann task critical 8.4.2 secore
#357 Implement `pow()' WCPS function dmisev task critical 9.0 petascope
#366 Invalid WCS 2.0.1 GetCapabilities response (Rasdaman 9.0.3) was: Invalid WCS 2.0.0 GetCapabilities response (Rasdaman 8.4.1) pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#379 Regular tiling does not work for 3D+ dmisev defect critical 8.4.2 qlparser
#387 Query on coverages with different domains is unusable dmisev feature critical 9.0 petascope
#390 Compound CRSs with a parametrized CRS dmisev defect critical 9.0 secore
#397 rasmgr segfaults when restarting rasserver mrusu defect critical 8.4.4 rasmgr
#413 Memory leak introduced by tile cache dmisev defect critical 8.4.4 relblobif
#439 usage of ps_descriptions table in petascope 8.x bthapaliya defect critical Future petascope
#502 ORM in petascope with Spring Boot vmerticariu enhancement critical 9.5 petascope
#527 Set as ticket URL in trac notificatios dmisev task critical undecided
#544 WC*S tests with geo binary output encoding fail pcampalani defect critical 9.0 petascope
#553 SECORE should not hardcode the host in the def identifiers dmisev defect critical 9.0 secore
#559 SECORE to reject queries with almost valid code pcampalani defect critical 9.0 secore
#573 SWE metadata from database not to be ignored pcampalani defect critical 9.0 petascope
#589 WCPS cast precedence vmerticariu defect critical 9.1 petascope
#591 Mapping a cast to boolean to RasQL uadhikari defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#648 Migrate origin to centre of sample-space pcampalani defect critical 9.0 applications
#652 Document time handling of Petascope pcampalani task critical Future wiki
#675 Portability problem with PostgreSQL prior to 9.1 on literals pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#685 initialization problem dmisev defect critical 9.0.x RPM
#686 CellDomain is using lexicographical comparison of int indexes pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#687 Wrong timestamp to time numeric conversion when vector is not time versor pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#688 Wrong usage of tuple and coordinate separator in range set pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#732 GML CRS definitions are invalid and need to validate all definitions bphamhuu defect critical Future secore
#739 Occassional Unknown node for ScaleCoverageExpr expression: trim error. pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#742 Coverage metadata overwritten in range constructor mdumitru defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#746 1601-01-01 is ANSI date 1, not 0 pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x secore
#766 SECORE should have the security constraints commented out dmisev defect critical 9.0.x secore
#774 RasQL scale : the result is no interval vliaukevich defect critical 9.0.x qlparser
#776 WCS scaling operation dosen't work with georeferenced coverage pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#788 WCS scaling extension wrongly maps scale-factor to WCPS pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#789 Get ordered vector coefficients pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#796 Wrong WCS range subsetting conformance class in capabilities pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#797 GMLCOV conformance class(es) missing in WCS capabilities pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#798 Missing WCPS core conformance in WCS capabilities pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#803 systemtest status on bismuth dmisev defect critical 9.0.x systemtest
#804 Update SECORE with accepted Time+Index CRS URIs/defs pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x secore
#807 ps_extra_metadata for ows type metadata incorrectly inserted into GetCapabilities (v9.0.3) pcampalani defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#823 OGC WCS test compliance bthapaliya defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#828 Mismatching HTTP status codes returned by petascope dmisev defect critical 9.0.x petascope
#852 Eliminate PL/pgSQL functions from petascope bthapaliya task critical 9.0.x petascope
#858 Shifting 1D array fails dmisev defect critical 9.2 qlparser
#897 Sqlite file system does not save the data in the data folder dmisev defect critical undecided
#927 struct literal in an marray causes segfault dmisev defect critical 9.1 qlparser
#932 WCPS parser needs blanks in expressions mdumitru defect critical 9.2 petascope
#944 check XXE libxml vulnerability abadoi defect critical 9.2 petascope
#961 petascope relies on opengis CRS URIs dmisev defect critical 9.1.x petascope
#975 WMS does not handle negative rasdaman indices correctly mdumitru defect critical 9.1.x petascope
#987 WCST Update fail leaves database incosistent vmerticariu defect critical undecided
#1014 database corruption if multiple updates are executed dmisev defect critical undecided
#1022 petascope files without header mdumitru defect critical 9.1.x petascope
#1050 lost many configuration after new install bphamhuu defect critical petascope
#1059 rasnet: query fails when executed right after atoader defect critical 9.1.x rasnet
#1065 WCS-Client new installation is much more difficult and should update sufficient information atoader defect critical 9.1.x petascope
#1073 Filestorage - divide tile files into subdirectories dmisev defect critical 9.1.x relblobif
#1085 Configure script should check that grpc-java plugin exists at the given path gmerticariu defect critical 9.2 rasnet
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