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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1112 grpc use dmisev defect blocker 9.2 undecided
#9 conversion dem() not work cj defect critical Future qlparser
#30 Extending Insertppm to insert long data type dmisev enhancement critical conversion
#359 Error translating to RasQL for complex WCPS query dmisev defect critical 8.4.2 qlparser
#737 unable to connect rasdaman 9 to a remote RASBASE server dmisev defect critical 9.0.x reladminif
#889 excess data footprint dmisev defect critical 10.0 undecided
#1052 choose wrong directory to import bphamhuu defect critical 9.1.x petascope
#1280 update fails on 5d data with regular tiling dmisev defect critical 9.2 rasserver
#1462 Failing to return 4.1GB result defect critical 9.4 rasserver
#5 Partial update through rasj fails j.yu defect major 9.0 java
#14 scale bug dmisev defect major qlparser
#59 Problems on kahlua when postgres is started with an explicit port dmisev task major reladminif
#69 Inserting GeoTIFF image fails dmisev defect major conversion
#112 wcs2.0.0_req11_kvp erodriguez defect major 8.4 petascope
#114 wcs2.0.0_req40 dmisev defect major 8.4 petascope
#117 inv_tiff broken in rasdaman 8.3 pbaumann defect major 8.4 conversion
#142 petascope must not load metadata at startup pbaumann defect major petascope
#166 RPM: setup database for rasimport defect major 8.4 RPM
#168 implement crs, scaling and interpolation projection functions dmisev enhancement major 8.4 petascope
#174 ILxzjv <a href="">ebxyshwqsiky</a>, [url=]cmwtzgdhzxak[/url], [link=]tzehzfskgnbo[/link], defect major Future server
#175 WCPS: image CRS should be assumed in subsets when no CRS is specified dmisev defect major 8.4 petascope
#181 systemtest doesn't run properly j.yu defect major 8.4 systemtest
#196 WMS fill creates several levels of the same size pcampalani defect major 8.4 petascope
#207 petascope time range seems to be corrupted pcampalani defect major petascope
#218 rasimport segmentation fault pbaumann defect major 8.4 applications
#235 Exporting to JPEG2000 results in SIGABRT dmisev defect major Future conversion
#265 WMS fill pyramid fails on large collections dmisev defect major Future rasgeo
#277 using color tables for petascope output pbaumann enhancement major Future petascope
#302 petascope should use encode() function abeccati enhancement major 8.4 petascope
#380 Can not subset on time axis which does not use YYYY-MM-dd pcampalani defect major petascope
#383 Printing tiles using dbinfo() doesn't work dmisev defect major undecided
#411 rasgeo reports errors anddumps backtrace almost every time run dmisev defect major 8.4.4 rasgeo
#452 slice dimension number pcampalani defect major petascope
#467 Real Life Characters dmisev defect major undecided
#469 improve petascope crs in r'c pcampalani defect major undecided
#488 Javadoc documentation for Petascope gxinghua defect major Future petascope
#508 UML schema for Petascope pcampalani enhancement major 9.0 petascope
#509 WCPS does not distinguish between coverage and CRS axis mdumitru defect major Future petascope
#568 NullPointerException when axis does not exist in CRS definition pcampalani defect major 9.0 petascope
#581 Test for communication protocol mdumitru defect major Future undecided
#590 WCPS1.5_WCPS count operation and RasQL count_cells( ) mdumitru defect major 10.0 petascope
#611 Adapt systemtest to use rasimport instead of rasql/psql dmisev enhancement major Future systemtest
#617 rasql insert within an MDD object dmisev enhancement major Future qlparser
#641 crsSupported item shall be instantiatable AbstractCRS pcampalani defect major Future petascope
#660 Problems deleting large objects miracee enhancement major undecided
#683 Timestamp WCPS tests failing pcampalani defect major 9.0.x petascope
#692 libcrypto Error dmisev defect major undecided
#767 band names shown in dbinfo() differ from designated during rasimport gxinghua defect major 9.0.x rasgeo
#879 RnpRedesign: rasmgr fails to start if no authentication file is present dmisev defect major rasmgr
#890 rasimport segfault when reading image information dmisev defect major 9.1 rasgeo
#917 Deleting coverage from petascope fails mdumitru defect major 9.1 petascope
#965 wcst_import should handle float null values mdumitru defect major 9.1.x applications
#966 int null value not supported? vmerticariu defect major 9.1.x petascope
#967 Bands of target coverage do not match input coverage mdumitru defect major 9.1.x applications
#990 invalid struct selector should throw proper error vzamfir defect major 9.1.x qlparser
#1009 Could not clone rasdaman from rasdaman.git dmisev defect major 9.1.x network
#1010 rasbase gets corrupted when doing reads and updates at the same time dmisev defect major undecided
#1011 support floating point null values vmerticariu enhancement major undecided
#1019 ingesting dataset without nil values results in exception mdumitru defect major petascope
#1027 rasdl could not delete base/marray/settype from RASBASE dmisev defect major 9.1.x undecided
#1030 WCST-import tried to import empty coverage when "subset_correction" is false with geo-referenced image mdumitru defect major 9.1.x petascope
#1036 tiff produces invalid file dmisev defect major 9.1.x conversion
#1037 collect rasdaman download statistics vzamfir enhancement major wiki
#1039 WCS server should advertise all the supported coverage formats. bphamhuu enhancement major 9.2 applications
#1072 Coverage metadata is invalid should not show the Javascript code atoader defect major 9.1.x petascope
#1082 Petascope is in wrong directory mdumitru defect major 9.2 petascope
#1117 Document encode function pbaumann defect major 9.2 manuals_and_examples
#1147 Unable to get a free rasdaman server when ingests hundred files by wcst_import defect major 9.2 rasserver
#1179 document mod() and div() pbaumann defect major Future manuals_and_examples
#1197 git submodules should not be initialized for rnp atoader defect major 9.2 build system
#1203 WCPS1.5_Difference values between same interval from coverage[scalar] and coverage[expression] defect major 9.3 petascope
#1216 Rasql returns -inf when divide by 0 defect major 10.0 rasql
#1218 WCPS1.5_Inconsitence when query out interval between scalar and expression defect major 9.3 petascope
#1231 Rasql_Wrong negative value in calculation defect major 10.0 undecided
#1239 WCPS1.5_Does not convert expression in geo-reference axis to grid coordinate correctly defect major 9.3 petascope
#1258 WCPS1.5_Coverage constructor iterator should be convert correctly in geo-referenced axis bphamhuu defect major 10.0 petascope
#1300 Rasql_Cannot encode random marray in JPEG2000 defect major 10.0 gdal driver
#1309 GDAL_missing geo-reference when encode multibands in NetCDF from TIFF file (Know Fails) defect major 9.3 rasql
#1315 WCPS1.5_Use http://..../def/crs/OGC/0/IndexND instead of CRS:1 bphamhuu defect major 10.0 petascope
#1322 WCS_ScaleExtent with wrong bounding box defect major 9.3 petascope
#1392 Test ticket for sending email bphamhuu defect major 9.3 undecided
#1434 NetCDF_Encode output nilValue shows wrong value defect major 9.3 petascope
#1435 Petascope_NetCDF wrong imported bounding box defect major 9.3 petascope
#1466 Rasql_Coverage is not deleted when rasserver is ingesting big collection dmisev defect major 10.0 server
#1551 Rasql supports nilValue with string interval in array dmisev defect major 9.5 rasql
#1608 Build_GDAL should not be required when -DENABLE_GDAL=OFF bphamhuu defect major 9.5 build system
#11 .35, 16.0d in rasql defect minor Future qlparser
#237 Deleting collections should be split into several transactions dmisev question minor Future qlparser
#293 Help function in rasql dmisev feature minor Future qlparser
#410 rasserver silently shuts down when a port is already in use uadhikari enhancement minor 9.0.x rasserver
#462 Classes r_Bag and r_List from API document don't actually exist? pbaumann defect minor 9.0.x manuals_and_examples
#506 Coverage axes and CRS axes mdumitru defect minor Future petascope
#601 Escaping logical ANDs chains when collections are involved dmisev defect minor Future qlparser
#629 WCS 1.1 Wrong request gives wrong error message about version pcampalani defect minor petascope
#640 crsSupportedCrs in Capabilities Document j.yu defect minor petascope
#689 Importing BGS sample tin data into postgis pbaumann enhancement minor 9.0.x petascope
#725 rasdaman does not show correct error on multiple write transactions dmisev defect minor Future undecided
#831 Enable rasimport to only populate petascope metadata dmisev defect minor 9.1 rasgeo
#1115 rasql type management syntax gmerticariu defect minor 9.2 qlparser
#1230 Rasql_Error when scale axis to a slicing point bphamhuu defect minor 10.0 petascope
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