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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1465 Parallel transactions on client side broken bbell defect critical 9.4 rasodmg
#107 relational schema documentation pbaumann enhancement major Future manuals_and_examples
#216 Index testing dmisev enhancement major Future indexmgr
#378 Interest tiling does not work for 3D+ dmisev defect major 10.0 qlparser
#542 Function calls in complex types constructors dmisev enhancement major Future qlparser
#596 WCPS1.5_WCPS Interval expression to actually support mathematical expressions vmerticariu defect major 10.0 petascope
#680 Customizable handling of sample size of a coverage point vmerticariu enhancement major 10.0 petascope
#783 database object caching is too greedy dmisev defect major Future reladminif
#906 Submit RRasdaman to CRAN task major Future applications
#913 Move coverage's grid origin when domain is extended vmerticariu defect major Future petascope
#928 Incorrect result of CASE statement with MDDs in "then" clauses vmerticariu defect major 9.5 qlparser
#936 Inserting slices in middle of existing irregular timeseries vmerticariu defect major 9.5 petascope
#1049 subsetting in rasdaman is inconsistent bbell defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1077 Rasdaman protocol benchmark vfrasineanu defect major 10.0 rasnet
#1095 WCS-T doesn't support CInt16 dmisev defect major Future petascope
#1127 Testing scenario for rasdaman functionality dmisev defect major 10.0 undecided
#1157 OIds stored as double dmisev defect major 10.0 undecided
#1168 Centralized configuration manager vmerticariu enhancement major Future undecided
#1191 Investigate all indexes and tiling strategies in rasdaman dmisev task major 10.0 tilemgr
#1215 Concurrent queries on client side bbell defect major 10.0 rasnet
#1247 rasql takes a really log time to retrieve 1GB of 3D data dmisev defect major 10.0 rasnet
#1248 Remove DE/FR errtxts defect major 10.0 raslib
#1276 rasserver dies with segfault when configured with a postgres backend dmisev defect major 9.5 rasserver
#1283 min/max on structs is incorrect pbaumann defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1284 random behaviour in condense of structs bbell defect major 10.0 qlparser
#1295 Rasdaman installer error reporting dmisev defect major Future build system
#1304 3D coverages in WMS dmisev question major 10.0 petascope
#1342 Petascope_Create correct base type with range fields when create collection bbell defect major 9.4 petascope
#1348 document json format support pbaumann task major 9.4 manuals_and_examples
#1367 RPMs should invoke dmisev defect major 9.4 build system
#1370 chunk size in network protocol dmisev defect major 10.0 clientcomm
#1373 Rasql_Using only the first set types if have multiple same structure types bbell defect major 9.4 rasql
#1393 Rasj_Select into is not valid query bphamhuu defect major 10.0 rasodmg
#1440 The systemtest should test compiling example C++ and Java client programs dmisev task major Future systemtest
#1464 Rasql_Nodata values are missing when encoding bbell defect major 9.4 rasql
#1474 Rasql_Cannot encode multiple ranges in netcdf bbell defect major 9.4 rasql
#1478 raspasswd doesn't exist dmisev defect major 9.5 rascontrol
#1484 custom rasmgr port in start/ dmisev defect major 9.4 bin
#1589 Rasql_Read query from a file when it is too long for bash defect major Future rasql
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects dmisev enhancement minor Future qlparser
#309 extend user guidance in raswct guide vmerticariu enhancement minor Future raswct
#364 expand parameter should be aplicable to ParameterizedCRS dmisev task minor Future secore
#388 Add constraints on compound CRSs dmisev enhancement minor Future secore
#653 Dev documentation on Petascope classes vmerticariu task minor Future wiki
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS dmisev enhancement minor Future petascope
#794 complex constructor doesn't work with rasj dmisev defect minor 10.0 java
#826 Port ES partners' clients to raswct vmerticariu defect minor Future undecided
#992 Memory Leaks drusu defect minor Future raslib
#997 Remove getpass from the code drusu enhancement minor 10.0 rascontrol
#1143 WCST Import should write the result of the ingestion to a log file bphamhuu defect minor Future petascope
#1175 rasql create type is not preserving the axis names dmisev defect minor Future undecided
#1256 Decode operation crashes server when the file contains 0 bands bbell defect minor 10.0 qlparser
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman enhancement minor 9.5 qlparser
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