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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#107 relational schema documentation assigned pbaumann major Future manuals_and_examples
#216 Index testing assigned dmisev major Future indexmgr
#268 Petascope streaming results new dmisev major 10.0 petascope
#542 Function calls in complex types constructors assigned dmisev major Future qlparser
#680 Customizable handling of sample size of a coverage point assigned vmerticariu major 10.0 petascope
#904 rasdaman should implement OGC 12-100r1 (GeoTIFF) new pbaumann major Future conversion
#950 Null value must be an integer or integer interval new dmisev major 10.0 qlparser
#1089 Test RASBASE durability with parallel queries new dmisev major 10.0 systemtest
#1091 Document rasdaman top-level directories new dmisev major Future wiki
#1168 Centralized configuration manager assigned vmerticariu major Future undecided
#1320 Embedding netcdf compilation in rasdaman new dmisev major Future build system
#1529 wcst_import pixelIsPoint:true should be applied internally for netCdf, gribb file new major 10.0 wcst_import
#1531 intra-query parallelisation new mtarigradschi major 9.5 rasserver
#1556 arccos/arcsin/arctan -> acos/asin/atan new bbell major 9.5 undecided
#1568 implement polygon clipping new bbell major 9.5 qlparser
#1571 systemtest oracle files are 65MB new major 9.5 systemtest
#1597 CONCAT should be supported in WCPS? new major Future petascope
#1604 WCS_Client show WMS map of coverage if possible new bphamhuu major 9.5 wcsclient
#1610 OWS_Client WCS/WMS GetCapabilities should be invoked automatically when user invokes modifying requests from client new bphamhuu major 9.5 wcsclient
#155 flip operation new pbaumann minor Future qlparser
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects assigned dmisev minor Future qlparser
#246 Getting information about arrays reopened dmisev minor Future qlparser
#309 extend user guidance in raswct guide assigned vmerticariu minor Future raswct
#340 Dead code detection new dmisev minor Future undecided
#388 Add constraints on compound CRSs assigned dmisev minor Future secore
#461 CASE statement should work with differently tiled arrays new vmerticariu minor Future qlparser
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS assigned dmisev minor Future petascope
#942 header files should be installed in include/rasdaman subdir new dmisev minor 10.0 build system
#997 Remove getpass from the code assigned drusu minor 10.0 rascontrol
#1224 Replace signal with sigaction new minor undecided
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions new dmisev minor 10.0 petascope
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman assigned minor 9.5 qlparser
#1575 should rasdaman have sdom intersection? new bbell minor 10.0 rasql
#1225 Refactor catalogmgr/autogen_ops.* new trivial Future catalogmgr
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