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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1465 Parallel transactions on client side broken assigned bbell defect critical 9.4
#268 Petascope streaming results new dmisev enhancement major 10.0
#378 Interest tiling does not work for 3D+ assigned dmisev defect major 10.0
#596 WCPS1.5_WCPS Interval expression to actually support mathematical expressions assigned vmerticariu defect major 10.0
#602 Adding sorting capabilities to rasdaman new dmisev feature major Future
#950 Null value must be an integer or integer interval new dmisev enhancement major 10.0
#1157 OIds stored as double assigned dmisev defect major 10.0
#1191 Investigate all indexes and tiling strategies in rasdaman assigned dmisev task major 10.0
#1247 rasql takes a really log time to retrieve 1GB of 3D data assigned dmisev defect major 10.0
#1276 rasserver dies with segfault when configured with a postgres backend assigned dmisev defect major 9.5
#1316 WCS_CRS_Extension Support reproject on distort coverage. new defect major 10.0
#1354 optimize load should take into consideration all the intervals new dmisev defect major 10.0
#1567 valgrind for system tests new defect major 10.0
#1568 implement polygon clipping new bbell enhancement major 9.5
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