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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#155 flip operation new pbaumann enhancement Future minor
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects assigned dmisev enhancement Future minor
#246 Getting information about arrays reopened dmisev enhancement Future minor
#254 Regular computed index much slower than R+ tree index new dmisev defect Future minor
#309 extend user guidance in raswct guide assigned vmerticariu enhancement Future minor
#340 Dead code detection new dmisev enhancement Future minor
#364 expand parameter should be aplicable to ParameterizedCRS assigned dmisev task Future minor
#367 Add format parameter to SECORE new dmisev task Future minor
#388 Add constraints on compound CRSs assigned dmisev enhancement Future minor
#461 CASE statement should work with differently tiled arrays new vmerticariu enhancement Future minor
#532 Trailing white spaces new dmisev defect Future minor
#653 Dev documentation on Petascope classes assigned vmerticariu task Future minor
#679 Support for gml:CompoundCRS assigned dmisev enhancement Future minor
#710 rasgeo doesn't handle NaN in raster attribute tables new aherzig defect Future minor
#794 complex constructor doesn't work with rasj assigned dmisev defect 10.0 minor
#826 Port ES partners' clients to raswct assigned vmerticariu defect Future minor
#942 header files should be installed in include/rasdaman subdir new dmisev enhancement 10.0 minor
#992 Memory Leaks assigned drusu defect Future minor
#997 Remove getpass from the code assigned drusu enhancement 10.0 minor
#1143 WCST Import should write the result of the ingestion to a log file assigned bphamhuu defect Future minor
#1161 diverging file name conventions new dmisev defect 10.0 minor
#1166 concentrating default values new dmisev defect Future minor
#1175 rasql create type is not preserving the axis names assigned dmisev defect Future minor
#1180 brush up generated API documentation new dmisev defect Future minor
#1224 Replace signal with sigaction new enhancement minor
#1251 API should use more defaults new dmisev defect Future minor
#1256 Decode operation crashes server when the file contains 0 bands assigned bbell defect 10.0 minor
#1303 Rasql_WCPS_Support interpolation argument in project() and crsTransform() functions new dmisev enhancement 10.0 minor
#1308 Petascope_More meaniningful error from Rasql projection() new defect 10.0 minor
#1339 Rasql_Throw exception when incompatible casting new defect 9.4 minor
#1473 Rasql_Check jpeg2000 values consistently new defect 10.0 minor
#1526 Put the crs variable to netCDF output new defect 10.0 minor
#1543 rasmgr segfaults when started with port < 1024 new defect 10.0 minor
#1544 Ingesting data that doesn't fit in RAM should report a proper error new defect 10.0 minor
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman assigned enhancement 9.5 minor
#1573 rasdaman does not compile with -DENABLE_STRICT=ON and -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS=" -O3" new bbell defect 10.0 minor
#1575 should rasdaman have sdom intersection? new bbell enhancement 10.0 minor
#1579 binary & unary ops: type validity can be extended new bbell defect 9.5 minor
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