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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#888 Overflow in parsing mintervals new dmisev defect critical 10.0
#1582 problem in cast operator new dmisev defect critical 9.5
#378 Interest tiling does not work for 3D+ assigned dmisev defect major 10.0
#480 Aligned tiling does not work in general nD with partial updates new dmisev defect major Future
#542 Function calls in complex types constructors assigned dmisev enhancement major Future
#861 avg_cells overflows new dmisev defect major 10.0
#928 Incorrect result of CASE statement with MDDs in "then" clauses assigned vmerticariu defect major 9.5
#950 Null value must be an integer or integer interval new dmisev enhancement major 10.0
#973 induced condense doesn't seem to consider nulls new vmerticariu defect major 10.0
#1049 subsetting in rasdaman is inconsistent assigned bbell defect major 10.0
#1101 sdom reports bounds of physical tiles, rather than actual data bounds new dmisev defect major 10.0
#1283 min/max on structs is incorrect assigned pbaumann defect major 10.0
#1284 random behaviour in condense of structs assigned bbell defect major 10.0
#1285 struct comparison should not be induced new defect major 10.0
#1293 Induced condenser doesn't work with where clause new vmerticariu defect major 10.0
#1385 case fails on array joins with different tiling new vmerticariu defect major 10.0
#1563 problem with type assignment while outputting to csv/json from a switch/case query with varying data types in each case new bbell defect major 9.4
#1568 implement polygon clipping new bbell enhancement major 9.5
#155 flip operation new pbaumann enhancement minor Future
#228 Add function in rasql to rotate objects assigned dmisev enhancement minor Future
#246 Getting information about arrays reopened dmisev enhancement minor Future
#461 CASE statement should work with differently tiled arrays new vmerticariu enhancement minor Future
#1256 Decode operation crashes server when the file contains 0 bands assigned bbell defect minor 10.0
#1549 support for inf in rasdaman assigned enhancement minor 9.5
#1579 binary & unary ops: type validity can be extended new bbell defect minor 9.5
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